Our Values



Transparency with donors in all our processes for the protection and well-being of the communities.


Foster unity across the tourism industry for the well-being of the region.


Build human connections centered on love, kindness and service.


Empower communities to build a sustainable future filled with hope and pride.

What We Are About



Provide the necessary tools and empowerment through hope and education for the development of community based tourism in the Caribbean.


We believe in the renewable power of communities. We believe in their resilience and tenacity to rebuild themselves stronger and empowered. We believe that tourism is an avenue for growth and sustainability that can transform lives and countries. We believe in community-based tourism.

Join the #LoveInMotion Movement

Since December 28th, there have been nearly 2,000 earthquakes in Puerto Rico, 60 of which were felt. We are launching a fundraising campaign where all donations will be sent out to grassroots and community-based organizations providing food, water, medical attention and supplies to those affected.


We are working on co-creating a training program with collaborators to train our communities to be better prepared to receive visitors in their space in a sustainable manner. This enables them to be active participants in the tourism ecosystem, thus, creating new economic development.


We are working on rebuilding communities with the intention of developing new sustainable tourism projects for their empowerment. We analyze their needs, which can range from construction, water quality, to providing new spaces for new projects to emerge.


We provide relief through brigades by making available warm food, basic goods and supplies, clean water, and cleaning crews to hard-hit communities. Five days after hurricane Maria we were working together to regroup and visit the communities we have been working with for over a year with our sustainable tourism development company, Local Guest. We provide the necessary tools for them to thrive in their lives.


Economic Development

  • Fair Trade structure and models
  • Support local entrepreneurs
  • Fair supply chain practices

Environmental Stewardship & Intercultural Exchange

  • Plastic-free operations
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Create safe spaces for intercultural exchange for inclusion for guests and locals

Capacity Building & Community Engagement

  • English Classes
  • Interpretative Guides Certification
  • Environmental training
  • Customer Service training
  • Support the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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